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Electro Lights High Quality Electronic Cigarettes. 
Smoke for about $1 per day or less
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Cost: We have constructed a diagram based on a moderate to heavy smoker. If you smoke 1 pack per day, or less, switching may be even cheaper. Keep in mind these are just figures, and will vary depending on your usage.
  • They way it works: A typical 1 pack a day smoker spends $6.00-$10.00 (depending on your state) per pack. Electro Lights Premium Electronic Cigarettes can cost you $1.00 or less per day. Initially, you will need to purchase the device, which is sold here.   We understand this is more than $1, but after a little more than a week you'll already have saved money. Then, purchase our refillable liquid (we suggest the 30ml bottle), of your favorite flavor, and you'll will spend $1 per day there after. It really is a money saver. Read 


Based on 1 

pack a day

Traditional Cigarettes


(Based on 30ml bottle)

Daily Cost (average)










Consistency: Unlike the traditionally manufactured ecigs, Electro Lights is good from the first to the last drop. Because, we manufacture our own e-liquid, we ensure only the highest quality ingredients. Our device is manufactured to deliver the same amount of those specially prepared ingredients, every time you use it. Not just the first day, or worse, first couple puffs. 
Re-useable: Electro Lights high quality Electronic Cigarettes are designed to not be thrown away. So your investment does not go in the trash with the electronic cigarette Obviously, this means less butts in the trash, no more ashtrays and an overall reduction in litter. Translation: good for the environment! 
Quality: We offer an array of flavors. From traditional tobacco to our very own versions of the most popular candy growing up. Our Flavorsmiths work tirelessly to ensure you are happy with your selection.See a full list of our flavors.  
Customer Service: Buying electronic cigarettes, you're limited to the knowledge of the store clerk, and the store return policy. Which is usually very limited. We employ a very knowledgeable staff, with relatively quick response time.  Usually within an hour, but at the very least, the same day. The best way to contact us is at
Guarantee: We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. We are so sure you will completely love our product, that if for any reason you do not, we will refund 100% of the product cost. We are pretty sure you'll realize you love it within a day or so, but want to offer as much of an opportunity to make a that decision as possible. 

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